Saturday, November 14, 2009

Chronicles of mundanity

Some people collect Royal Doulton porcelain figurines. I collect something less tangible but infinitely less stupid.


Quips, even.

A good one sets me up for days, mate. I treasure it up, smirk over it on the bus, tighten it up and script it for use in my debut Aussie screenplay (so the novel's on the backburner for a bit, alright).

A colleague's habit of calling his taskmaster supervisor "sunshine" (gesturing towards the retreating big wig with a jerk of the head) always makes me snort appreciatively at the irony of it all:

"Sunshine's given me another turd sandwich."

It's lunchtime and he's holding a brown paper bag stained with grease. I eye it suspiciously.

"The other kind" he says, catching my eye.

"Memo on comparative international banking law."

Bit crude, but I liked it.

That's what the profession does to erstwhile innocents.

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